Reading Bible with Five Senses – Ignatian Mediatation

Reading Bible with Five Senses – Ignatian Mediatation

Who would think that a monk, Ignatius, who lived 1491-1556 would encourage Christians a half a millenia later to grab their Bibles and read it with all their God-given senses? Don’t you just love the idea? Ignatian Meditation asks that we enter into the story of scripture, that we become a part of the action. We need to use our imagination and smell, taste, touch, hear and see through the Bible! Bring it on, right?

I am giving here a very simple version of Ignatian Meditation:

Find a quiet place for meditation (alone or in a group).
Quiet yourself.
Pray and ask God to guide you.
Read the text slowly. What stands out to you?
Read the text again. Does something touch your heart?
Visualize the story: What’s going on? Who are you in the story?
*What can you hear?
*What can you see?
*What can you smell?
*What can you touch?
*What can you taste?
Interact with the story, let the Spirit guide you.
End it with a prayer, bring your experience to God.
Go and bear fruit!

Q4U: Do you know more about Ignatian Mediatation? What did I miss? Would you, please, share your experiences and information with us? Thank you! I would also love to hear any experiences from the first timers!

Here’s a great link to learn more:

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