How to Serve God – Lessons I Learned from John the Baptist

How to Serve God – Lessons I Learned from John the Baptist

John the Baptist finally meets the Messiah

The Bible stories of John the Baptist have astonished me ever since I was a child. I’ve come to admire John the Baptist for several reasons. How he was called before he was born, how he did powerful, bold but humble ministry, and how his head was brutally cut and offered on a platter. I’ve always felt that John the Baptist was an example how we should serve God.

John was chosen for his ministry before he was born. He was obedient to his calling, he did not walk away from it. He believed and acted on his beliefs. He was bold in his message but humble before his God. He knew his place, he knew who was God. John was totally dedicated to God. He altered his whole life to serve God. He did not live an ordinary life but he lived in the wilderness and ate locusts and wild field honey. John persevered even when the going got rough. He gave his life in service to God.

In the picture John the Baptist finally meets the Messiah. I’m in awe with the humbleness and quiet adoration of John the Baptist. Think that this man is the same one who had exploded to Pharisees and Sadducees  who were showing up for a baptismal experience because it was becoming the popular thing to do. (Matt. 3:7)

What is the take-away value of life and ministry of John the Baptist for a Christian 2000 years later? Five tough words to continually weave into our way of serving Christ boldly but humbly:



Gracious God,
We thank you for the life and example of John the Baptist!
His way of serving you leaves us in deep need of your grace.
Have mercy on us!
Help, renew & enable us!
Show us how to truly serve you.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What do you think of John the Baptist?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim! God’s grace is new every morning!

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