Giving God the Epicenter of Our Lives

Giving God the Epicenter of Our Lives

As we enter this fall season I invite you to do little self-examination:

How is your relationship with God? Hopefully not on the rocks!
Where is God in your life in this season? Hopefully not in the margins or in the back of your mind!

(But even then remember God is only a whisper away. A fresh start is always possible!)

I’ve come to understand that if we approach God only when we need something from him our relationship with him is fundamentally wrong. Then we are also missing out of the most beautiful aspects of life with God.

God is not around to be our cosmic bellboy. God is not something we add on to our life at our convenience. He needs to be in the very center of our lives, in the middle of things. It’s not our place to demand God to do something. We are to listen to God and obey. Because God is GOD Almighty!

“Tell the house of Jacob this,
   put out this bulletin in Judah:
Listen to this,
   you scatterbrains, airheads,
With eyes that see but don’t really look,
   and ears that hear but don’t really listen.
Why don’t you honor me?
   Why aren’t you in awe before me?
Yes, me, who made the shorelines
   to contain the ocean waters.
I drew a line in the sand
   that cannot be crossed.
Waves roll in but cannot get through;
   breakers crash but that’s the end of them.
But this people—what a people!
   Uncontrollable, untameable runaways.
It never occurs to them to say,
   ‘How can we honor our God with our lives,
The God who gives rain in both spring and autumn
   and maintains the rhythm of the seasons,
Who sets aside time each year for harvest
   and keeps everything running smoothly for us?’
Of course you don’t! Your bad behavior blinds you to all this.
   Your sins keep my blessings at a distance.
(Jeremiah 5: 20-25, MSG)

How can we indeed honor God with our lives? He really is God of all people! He is God of all seasons!

By giving God the epicenter of our lives.
By proceeding our lives in prayer.
By approaching God in awe.
By remembering God is holy and acting like it.

Because God is our life. He breaths life into our beings. Without him we are nothing. That’s why we need to do a clean sweep and get rid of everything and everyone who is at the epicenter of our lives. The place is reserved only for the Lord of our lives. Jesus is our lord, our leader, our life. If we remember this we will be fine at any season of our lives. We may let come what may. Because we know intimately the One who is in control of all seasons.


Gracious God,
We come to you in awe.
You are the Creator of the universe
and you love and care for us.
Forgive us for trying to take your place.
Help us to keep our priorities right.
Enable us to keep you in the center of our lives.
Because you are our lord, our leader, our life.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: How do you honor God with your life?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you enter this fall season with God at the epicenter of your life!

Image courtesy of Tammie Gitt


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