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Apply Your Faith!


It seems that no matter where I turn to this week or no matter what I read it comes to this message: Apply your faith! So I pass it on to you: Apply your faith!

Don’t just believe on Sundays but also every single day of the week.
Don’t just call yourself Christian but act like it!
Don’t just say ‘Lord, Lord’ but obey him!

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and don’t do what I say? I’ll show what it’s like when someone comes to me, hears my words, and puts them into practice. It’s like a person building a house by digging deep and laying the foundation on bedrock. When the flood came, the rising water smashed against that house, but the water couldn’t shake the house because it was well built. But those who don’t put into practice what they hear are like a person who built a house without a foundation. The floodwater smashed against it and it collapsed instantly. It was completely destroyed.” (Luke 6:46-49, CEB, emphasis added)lay the foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ

God’s word is not just a nice addition to our home. God’s word needs to be the foundation of our lives. We need to hear the words of Jesus and put them in practice. Every single day of our lives. Not just on Sundays and holy days. But every day. Especially when all is well. Then we are ready when the stormy days come.

And if we apply our faith, our lives will be different. If we practice what we believe, the Holy Spirit gets a change to change us/our lives. If we claim the promises of God and base our lives on the word of God, everything is possible.

Just think about it.

What would you do differently today if you truly believed that…

…you are forgiven and free?
…you are loved and cherished by God Almighty?
…you have enough grace to get through the day?
…God has a plan for your life?
…God wants good things for you?
…God will take care of your needs?
…God is alive, active, and abiding in you?

We are not called to a timid faith. We are called to apply our faith radically into our lives. God’s grace is wild and powerful. Don’t keep it locked away. Apply it into your life! Today! And every day of your life! And be amazed what God is doing in/through/for you.

Go! Apply your faith!
Pray. Work. Play.
Dream. Laugh. Love.
Relish life in Jesus!


Gracious God,
Thank you for calling us to relish life in you.
Show us how to apply faith in our lives.
Show us how to live closely to you.
Show us how to be radical for you.
Come, live in us!
Come, change us!
Come, surprise us with you grace!
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What would you do differently today if you truly believed that God is on your side?

Be bold and blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you relish life by serving Him with everything you’ve got!

Giving thanks today for
#371 wild grace
#372 radical faith
#373 life in Jesus
#374 the foundation of faith
#375 God cares for us
#376 untamed grace
#377 faith is meant to be lived out loud
#378 God’s promises are valid
#379 practicing faith is what life is all about
#380 God’s guidance 24/7
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  • Wild and untamed grace, I like that. Enjoyed reading your list today. Blessings to you!

  • Paula Mackey

    Great post and insight. Walking out our faith! It’s what makes life worth living.

  • “God’s word needs to be the foundation of our lives. We need to hear the
    words of Jesus and put them in practice. Every single day of our lives.
    Not just on Sundays and holy days. But every day. ”


    Let’s go and do as He leads.

  • Great Post! 

  • Yes! God is not just a nice addition to the home, but the foundation, the very center. You speak a good word here, Mari-Anna… Fun to see The High Calling Tweeting your posts. I am a contributing editor at The High Calling. Keep up the #goodwork! 

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving feedback, Jennifer! Great to connect with you! And, yes, I feel truly blessed that The High Calling is tweeting my posts! May God bless you richly!

  • P.S. — What do you think of blogfrog? I signed up for it, but wasn’t sure how to use it. 

    • I think there are some really exciting blogfrog communities but it does require some work to get one off the ground. I should find some more time to blogfrog…but with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many more…it is hard to find time to do them all. Maybe it’d be wiser to concentrate in few than try to do them all? Or maybe they will come along as we go? Anyhow, let’s connect there, too! BLESSINGS!

  • Faith does take action… Even while we wait on the Lord, we don’t just sit. We keep living. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Paula J

    I LOVE your blog, your messages and your inspiration!!
    I would love to win a CEB Bible !!!