God Answers Prayer {Guest Post by Jennifer White}

God Answers Prayer {Guest Post by Jennifer White}

Today, Jennifer White of Prayerfully Speaking, joins us to share her journey of faith with an excerpt from her free ebook: Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love in 18 Ordinary Lives. Let this testimony of God’s faithfulness to answer our prayers encourage you.

I learned the hard way that faith in God is only a phrase unless I have knowledge and experience to apply to it. In my first marriage, my faith in God was based on what ministers and teachers had taught me along with what I had read in the Bible. But my experience of His power was lacking. I had not yet seen the power and love of God displayed in my own circumstances. Of course, He had actively loved me, provided for me, and protected me, but I had not truly celebrated that in a way that made me sure of Him. I had not connected the dots of my knowledge with my experiences.knowledge and experience
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I left my first marriage in fear of many things. I feared the situation would never change. And what if it got worse? My fears had not been confronted by the realities of God’s character. Christians encouraged me to leave, and Christians encouraged me not to choose divorce. My human nature chose the world’s way of handling problems in marriage. I moved on in an effort to protect myself from all the vague notions of things I didn’t deserve.

Before I was remarried to David, I committed to a year of Christian counseling, because I did not want to repeat mistakes I had made in my first marriage.

However, marriage once again became a difficult relationship that caused me to long for something easier. My pride kept me from wanting to be divorced a second time. So I endured with a constant cry of “Help me Jesus!”
help me, JesusI had no idea what I wanted or needed when I cried out, “Help me Jesus!” I just knew that I was in desperate emotional pain. Even so, God was faithful to reach out to me regardless of my incredible failures. He led me to take a break from the workforce, which allowed me time to attend Bible studies at our church. The homework for these studies kept me in the Bible at least forty-five minutes every day. God also led me to a new Christian counselor who used the Words of God to counsel me. She helped me identify ideas I believed about myself that were in direct opposition to what the Bible said about me. I was finally introduced to the reality of the spiritual battle and how it was affecting my life. end of excerpt
My heart desires that you be encouraged by the reality that Almighty God changes lives. I applied a mustard seed of faith when I prayed, “Help me Jesus.” He delivered more help to me than I could have imagined asking of Him. Today, David and I have been married for over fifteen years and we enjoy being married! I’m finishing the manuscript of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor After the Wedding Dress, set to release in January 2015. Only God would take a once broken, divorced pastor’s wife and allow her to write to new brides. He is MORE faithful and merciful than any of us can comprehend.

Fortify Your Faith
Isn’t it exciting to hear how God has answered a prayer – how the invisible God has made Himself known by intervening in someone’s life? If you are ready for a big dose of “God Answers Prayer” reality, download a FREE COPY of my ebook: Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love in 18 Ordinary Lives. You will find answers to prayers in the areas of marriage, adoption, missions, financial need and many more.

Jennifer WhiteJennifer O. White is an author, speaker, and encourager to those seeking a life of hope, peace, and confidence. You are invited to join her on a brave life, marriage, and world-changing adventure with Jesus at her blog: Prayerfully Speaking. Today’s post is an excerpt from her forthcoming book: Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor After the Wedding Dress.

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