How to Adjust Your Life to God

How to Adjust Your Life to God

How to adjust to life to GodDo you adjust your life to God? Or do you expect God to serve you? Your answers to these questions reveal who is the center of your life.

People whose lives are based on selfishness think about selfish things, but people whose lives are based on the Spirit think about things that are related to the Spirit. The attitude that comes from selfishness leads to death, but the attitude that comes from the Spirit leads to life and peace. So the attitude that comes from selfishness is hostile to God. It doesn’t submit to God’s Law, because it can’t. People who are self-centered aren’t able to please God. (Romans 8:5-8, CEB)

Are you and your selfish desires the center of your life? Or has God’s grace touched you and changed your desires?

We can’t please God without Christ and his righteousness. But it is ours if we repent our sins and ask for help. We are called to die to ourselves and adjust our life to God. There’s nothing more pleasing to God than his people (re)turning to him and asking for forgiveness and his Spirit to live in them.

Henry Blackaby states “We adjust our lives to God so He can do through us what He wants to do. God is not our servant to make adjustment to our plans. We are His servants, and we adjust our lives to what He is about to do.”

How to go about it then? After asking the Holy Spirit lead you, you listen. Daily. And then, by God’s grace, you put what you hear in action.

You live in fellowship with God now. It’s time to make more time and room for God in your life. God will strengthen, empower and equip you. And even though you don’t get to live according to you selfish desires any more, you get something much better.

When you serve God with everything you’ve got, you have abundant life and peace. When you adjust your life to God, anything can happen. When God is in the center of your life, all is well.


Dear God,
Forgive me my selfishness.
Forgive me my laziness.

Forgive me sinfulness.
Cleanse me inside out, Lord.
Make me to desire you and your ways.
Help me to adjust my life to you.
Be the center of my life.
Be my everything.
Do through me what you want to do.
In Jesus’ name,


Q4U: Do you try to adjust your life to God? Do you struggle with this? How do you do it?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you let God do through you what He wants to do!

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