My Light and My Power

My Light and My Power

It’s really inspiring to hear how my texts and teachings have touched hearts (thank you for all your feedback). However, I have to admit that I feel immense emptiness and powerlessness as I get back to teaching, especially after a break. I was sharing this with God this morning and I understood that especially as empty and inadequate I was exactly the right kind of sharer of the Good News. Because it’s not about my message but about God’s Word. I can only surrender to be filled and used by God. And that’s what I did. God is my light and my power and that’s what I want to talk about also this year.

Faith is not just repeating old rituals or passing on cultural heritage to the next generation. Instead, faith is a living connection to our Heavenly Father. And, I believe, every single person should experience it. That’s why I speak and teach about God’s love, how God is my light and my power.

My light and my power

Do you remember how God appeared to Moses as a burning bush that did not burn up (Exodus3)? I have often wondered why God wanted to speak to him this way. Lately, I have also experienced God like a burning fire that does not burn but warms me up and sheds light on my path. Like a power that does not crush but creates new and then sends out.

Our God is not dull or boring but holy and energizing. God is a living force in the midst of us and he asks if he can move in our lives and work through us. My choice is clear. God is my light and my power and I lack nothing. He guides me along the right paths and his goodness and love follow me all the days of my life.

All this is within your reach, too. Because of Christ, we all have access to God’s presence, to come to enjoy God’s light and power around the holy fire. This is true, my friend. God is real and powerful. He is holy and strong. And he wants to show you his goodness and love in good and bad days. Do you open your heart to receive? I sure hope so.

Dear God,
Your fire burns mightily.
Thank you for letting me come near it.
I surrender to you, Lord.
May your will happen in my life.
Be also my light and my power, Lord.
In Jesus’ name,


Is God a living fire that lightens your path and warms you up or is he something else for you? I encourage you to get near to Jesus to have enough light and power to go on. Neither our life or ministry are not on our shoulders but on God’s. God’s resources will not end. They do not burn out even though our own resources and dreams might do so. And, my friend, do remember that God creates new things out of ashes and emptiness. So let’s surrender to God just as we are and bask in the light and warmth of his grace, and wonder what God is going to do in and through us. Thank you, Jesus!

Photo by Peter John Maridable on Unsplash.

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