Deeper into Hope and Joy

Deeper into Hope and Joy

Deeper into hope and joy.

How was your Easter weekend? Does the resurrection of Jesus have any effect on you today? I hope so. Because it changed everything. The new normal invites us deeper into hope and joy. How do you respond? That is the question, my friend. Day in, day out.

Resurrection joy and power are real and at our service as God’s children. Nothing is the same anymore. Does it matter to us that Jesus is alive and well? Do we let God move freely in our lives? How do we respond to Jesus asking “Do you want to get well?” as he asked the lame man at Bethesda (John 5:1-15).

Jesus offers us life and light. How do we respond? He asks if we want to be saved, healed, put together? Do we – like the lame man – offer explanations (or excuses) why we haven’t done it ourselves. Or do we just say “Yes”?

You see, Jesus is not interested in our explanations or excuses. He knows them, he knows us. And he loves us just as we are. Jesus only wants to know if we want him to heal us. If we want to receive life upon life and if we are ready to follow him, live the resurrection life. Not by our own power but by his resurrection power.

Deeper into Hope and Joy

If we accept Jesus’ invitation, we are headed deeper into hope and joy. That’s what resurrection power does. It changes us – slowly but surely – into Christ-likeness. And the more we become like Jesus, the deeper our hope and joy are.

So, how are you really doing now that this year’s Easter weekend is over? Hopefully, you are refilled with hope and joy. That’s why we need to relive the crucifixion and resurrection year after year. By grace, we delve deeper into hope and joy and are empowered to keep on fighting the good fight of faith. Then, by grace, we are able to live out the new normal where death and evil do not have the last word. Where hope and joy are reality. Because Jesus lives and prepares us for the future in heaven.

Gracious God,
Be praised forever and ever!
Thank you for defeating death, sin, and evil
by resurrecting Jesus after he died on the cross for our sake.
Be praised forever and ever!
Show us how to live in the new normal,
how our lives look different in the light of Easter.
Help us to delve deeper into hope and joy.
In Jesus’ precious name,

Q4U: How are you feeling after Easter Sunday? How do you respond to Jesus’ invitation?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you delve deeper into hope and joy!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

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