Grace Needs to Be Grace

Grace Needs to Be Grace

Grace needs to be grace

Salvation by grace is a phenomenal thing. It changes us if we just want to receive it. But why is it, really, that we so would like to add something to it? It’s hard to think something so great could really be freely given. But if it were not freely given, grace would not be grace anymore. And grace needs to be grace, otherwise, we’re doomed.

But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace would no longer be grace. (Romans 11:6, NRSV,*)

Without grace, we would be on our own and that would be a catastrophe. As humans, we are incapable of pleasing God without his Spirit. We need God’s grace to save us and we can not add anything to it. Otherwise, it would no longer be grace.

So grace needs to be grace for our sake. If you’re thinking “God loves me more if I am good”, you’re wrong. There is nothing you can do or leave undone that God would love you more. God loves you because he is love not because you are lovable. He wants to save you because he is so amazing not because you’d deserve it.

Grace needs to be grace

So don’t even try to add on something to God’s grace. If you try to be self-sufficient, you try to replace grace. Don’t do it. Instead, be grace-sufficient and God-dependent, receive grace upon grace and share it – and rejoice – with others.

Grace is the most wonderful thing in the world, let’s not try to spoil it with our pride. Let’s stop our self-righteous attempts to replace grace in our lives. God finds it utterly delightful when we surrender to him and let his grace work in and through us.

That’s how it is supposed to happen, grace needs to be grace. Being a Christian is supposed to be the most liberating and delightful thing. You see, we are not called to drag our feet but dance in grace.

Trying to be religious on our own power is the most exhausting task ever but being a Spirit-filled believer is the most amazing thing ever. It’s your choice. I highly recommend the latter.

Gracious God,
Thank you for your amazing grace.
Forgive us for trying to add on to it.
Thank you for loving us no matter what.
Pour out grace upon grace, Lord.
Let your Spirit work in and through us
according to your plan for us.
Fill us with your Spirit and
use us for your glory.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Are you okay with the fact you can’t bring anything but your need for grace or do you try to add on it?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you embrace God’s grace as the sole means of your salvation!

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash.

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