Stop Worrying So Much – God’s Got This

Stop Worrying So Much – God’s Got This

Stop worrying so much - God's got this

This year the season of Lent seems to start a little earlier than usual or am I the only one who is a bit surprised? Nonetheless, I find this season of preparation a huge blessing. We need it to truly appreciate the tremendousness of Easter once it rolls around. And maybe we could stop worrying so much. God’s got this.

Paul David Tripp tweeted today “The story of redemption is historical proof of the unstoppable sovereignty of God. In a world where we are regularly greeted by mystery, Christ’s March to the cross reinforces for us that our rest and hope is not in knowing, but in his ruling. Because God knows what we don’t know and controls what we can’t control, we can live with mystery and surprise and not be afraid.”

Our rest and hope are not in knowing and controlling everything, it’s in the sovereign God himself. God knows and controls everything, we can embrace mystery and surprise elements in life. God’s got this.

Stop worrying so much – God’s got this

Yesterday I read Psalm 46, verse 10 tells us to “Be still, and know that I am God”. In Finnish it says “Stop worrying so much; know that I am God”. So it is time to believe what God says. The whole story of redemption clearly tells us God is sovereign and there’s no need to worry. Instead, we are encouraged to bring all our worries to God in prayer and trust God’s got this too.

As we prepare our hearts during the season of Lent to follow Christ’s march to the cross, hopefully, we learn to trust in God’s ruling in our lives too. God’s ways are different than ours but they are better and wiser and he can turn even the bad into extreme good. Like crucifixion into resurrection. Let’s trust him, let’s embrace him so also we can be resurrected with Jesus.

Dear God,
Thank you for reminding us to trust you and not our own thinking.
We want to surrender to you and
leave also our worries at the feet of the cross.
You know what’s best for us,
bless us according to your will for us.
Help us to stop worrying
and start resting in your ruling.
In Jesus’ precious name,

Q4U: How are you going to observe the season of Lent? I think I will subtract watching movies and add walking outside daily.

May God bless you, my fellow pilgrim, as you follow Jesus!

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash.

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