Flowing Faith

April 24, 2017
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Strong in Christ

It is quite a faith journey to learn to celebrate your weaknesses. Celebrating is not our first response to our weaknesses. But that’s what the saints who have gone before us have taught us. First, the apostle Paul and then … Continue reading

March 26, 2014
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

The Aroma of Christ

Do you know that you convey a message of eternal life or death without saying a word? I know, quite a responsibility. But our part is just to cling to Jesus. He takes care of the rest. How does that … Continue reading

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December 3, 2012
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

The Good News for the Imperfect

Have you messed up? Don’t you measure up? Are you tired and at the end of your rope? I have good news for you! That’s exactly why God sent Jesus into the world. Because we do mess up. Because we … Continue reading

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