Flowing Faith

September 12, 2017
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Spend Time in God’s Presence

Do you have a lot of questions about life and faith? Are they keeping you away from God or are they bringing you closer to him? Don’t fight your questions, give them to God. He will answer them when you’re … Continue reading

July 6, 2016
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

2 Questions to Check Your Spiritual Life

It’s fun to break free from routines during holidays, isn’t it? Freedom from routines sure is a blessing. Time to wind down, rest and relax. But routines also bless us, they keep us on the right track. Also in our spiritual … Continue reading

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August 13, 2014
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Spiritual Questions

It’s time for new beginnings but it’s also time to evaluate the old ways. Am I living the way God wants me to live? That’s the question of the day for me. I am praying that God would show me … Continue reading

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