Flowing Faith

July 13, 2018
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Victory over Superstitions

It is once again Friday the 13th. Believe it or not, it brings a wave of readers to my blog. People around the world want to know how Christianity responds to it. So every Friday the 13th I try to … Continue reading

April 13, 2018
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Why Friday the 13th Has Nothing on Christians

I find it interesting that even some Christians live in fear of Friday the 13th and other superstitions. Like Christ’s victory over death and evil would not mean anything. Yes, I know there are evil forces in the world. But … Continue reading

November 13, 2015
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Weary of Superstitions

It’s Friday the 13th again. And people are either joking or serious about their superstitions about the day. I am so tired and weary about this happening over and over again. I can understand that non Christians are superstitions but … Continue reading

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January 13, 2012
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Christians & Friday the 13th

Does your Christian faith influence your take on Friday the 13th? Or do you still feel skirmish? It might be Friday the 13th but “This is the day the LORD acted; we will rejoice and celebrate in it!”. (Ps.118:24, CEB) … Continue reading

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