Flowing Faith

July 25, 2016
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Grace for All Sinners?

Have you been hurt badly? Do you think the offence should not be pardoned? Do you think God should not extend grace to your offender? I hear you. It is hard to understand why God would offer grace for all … Continue reading

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April 4, 2012
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Responsible for the Death of Jesus?

What do you think? Are you responsible for Jesus’ death? Your answer is important. It defines whether you are ready for Easter or not. We aren’t able to receive God’s grace before we have a need for it. We aren’t … Continue reading

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March 22, 2012
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

Is There Beauty in Brokenness?

Have you ever been so broken, shattered into zillion little pieces, that you were sure there was no hope for you? Or are you heart-broken right now? There’s good news for broken people! In Jesus all the broken and dislocated … Continue reading

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February 8, 2012
by Mari-Anna Stålnacke @flowingfaith

How Is Your Heart?

How are the matters of your heart? Spiritually speaking, that is. When was the last time you let God examine your heart and cut away the thick calluses of your heart? This Bible verse got me examining my own heart … Continue reading

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