The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving?

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving?

The Sacrifice of ThanksgivingAm I the only one that has ever wondered what ‘offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving’ means? And if that really honors and glorifies God, how could we do it in today’s world?

He who brings an offering of praise and thanksgiving honors and glorifies Me. (Psalm 50:23, AMP)

The sacrifice of thanksgiving is mentioned many times in the Old Testament. It is a voluntary sacrifice that is motivated by thanksgiving. It was also shared with all the worshipers. Because of the sacrificial death of Jesus we don’t have to give any animal sacrifices any more. But there’s still something important in offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving in today’s world and we should pay attention.

How could thanksgiving be a sacrifice if it is from a thankful heart? A sacrifice is something into which we put effort, right? Hence, thanksgiving should not just be something we do when we feel like it, right? Thanksgiving should not just be something we do when God’s promises are visible, right?

We should give thanks every day despite of our circumstances.
We should give thanks because God is good.
We should give thanks because God is at work on our behalf.
We should give thanks because in God’s realm all the promises are already fulfilled.

The Message version of the verse summarizes it this way: It’s the praising life that honors me.

We are indeed called to the praising life. It is not just a sacrifice of thanksgiving here and there but a way of life. The praising life is committed to honor God with thanksgiving and praise no matter what. And it should be voluntary and spill grace and good things onto others too.

How could we do it in today’s world? When bad things happen all the time. Don’t you see? This is exactly the time when we need to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving. This is exactly the time when we can bring the kingdom of God visible by offering thanks and praise all the time. We need to live by faith not by sight. We need to thank God for all he has done for us…but also for everything he is going to do for us.

The praising life is a sacrificial way of life. It is not lived according to our feelings or desires. It is lived according to God’s will and promises. And in that sense it is costly. But, boy, doesn’t it bless our socks off. Today, tomorrow and forever more.


Gracious God,
You call us into the praising life.
You call us from faith to more faith.
You call us from grace to more grace.
We want that so very much.
Give us more faith, more grace
so that we would be filled with thanksgiving and praise
even when it is the least likely response to our circumstances.
Show us how the praising life could look like.
Bless our socks off, Lord.
Not according to our will but yours.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What do you think about the praising life? Is it possible? Is it your way of life?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you give thanks and praise God every day of your life!

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